X Advertisements Are Scammers' New Battlefield

4 months ago·less than a minute read
X Advertisements Are Scammers' New Battlefield

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, vigilance is paramount. Recently, there has been a concerning rise in crypto scammers exploiting advertisement campaigns on an X . These scammers, using the platform's advertising services, promote dubious websites that pose significant risks to unsuspecting investors.

While social media platforms such as X are expected to conduct thorough due diligence on accounts running such ads, it's crucial for users to remain alert and exercise caution.


The Web3 community, in particular, should be wary of projects advertised on their timelines. A blue tick or X-approved advertisement does not guarantee legitimacy. In this digital age, where scams are increasingly sophisticated, relying solely on platform verification isn't enough.


To combat such threats, Safesoul patrols are actively identifying and flagging scam X profiles and project URLs. For those looking to safeguard their crypto, @safesouleth is a valuable browser extension. It provides a warning (as shown under) for scam websites that enable you to navigate the crypto space safely.


We encourage you to try the Safesoul browser extension and safeguard your wallets from dangerous websites, tweets and profiles.

We invite you to join the Safesoul community through our invite program, where existing users can share codes with friends. To access and safeguard your wallets from dangerous websites, tweets, and profiles with the Safesoul browser extension, reach out to a current member for an invite code and download SafeSoul from the Store.