SafeSoul Onboarding

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SafeSoul Onboarding

1. Welcome

At SafeSoul, our mission is to ensure that every individual can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and security. As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, the importance of digital safety has never been more paramount. Let's embark on a journey to ensure your digital world remains safe and secure.

2. Getting Started SafeSoul is in closed beta phase, available on the Chrome Web Store for: whitelisted users, the DA community, Boring Security Alumni, and our esteemed partners. Interested in joining the vanguard? Apply for early access on our website.

System Requirements: SafeSoul is designed for versatility. We currently support most mainstream browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.

Chrome web store

Installation Guide:

  1. Head to the SafeSoul download page on the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Click on “Add to Browser” or a similar prompt.

  3. You should now see the SafeSoul icon in your browser’s toolbar. Click it to begin the setup and pin for your convenience.

3. SafeSoul Badges and frames

SafeSoul equips you with the tools to navigate the digital landscape safely and confidently. Our system tirelessly and continuously scans the expanse of the internet to detect potential threats, alerting you in real-time so you're always prepared, never caught off-guard. For ease of interpretation, our alerts are color-coded:

Red // Scam, Hacked // Should you encounter a red alert, proceed with utmost caution. These pages or accounts have either been directly reported as hazardous by our vigilant SafeSoul Patrollers or have been flagged automatically by the SafeSoul smart database due to their affiliation with known scam projects. They might contain perilous links and malicious content. It's strongly recommended to avoid interactions and not to click any links associated with them.

Orange // Suspicious // An orange alert indicates that a specific page or account has caught the eye of our SafeSoul Patrol due to suspicious activity or content. It is currently under close scrutiny by our elite OG Patrol team, awaiting a final safety determination. Until a conclusive decision is reached, we urge users to refrain from interacting or clicking on any associated links.

Green // SafeSoul verified // Breathe easy when you see a green badge! It signifies that the page or account has earned the trust of the SafeSoul community and has been vetted for its authenticity and safety.

Blue // OpenSea verified // A blue badge indicates that the page or account is not just reliable, but also boasts a verified collection on the renowned platform, OpenSea.

4. Key Features of SafeSoul

Prompt Reporting Mechanism: Encountered a scam or potential threat? Click the 'Report' button to notify the SafeSoul community. With our intuitive interface, there are three levels of reporting - Scout, Patrol, and OG Patrol - each having distinct vote power and access. For a detailed understanding of these roles, refer to the role table on our website. Together, let's make the online environment safer for everyone.

Automated Database: Our database is ever-growing. With 117K+ projects and counting, it's designed to evolve, learn and incorporate emerging threats every day.

5. User Dashboard

Navigation: Our clean and intuitive dashboard ensures you can find everything you need with ease.

Profile Management and Settings: Navigate to 'Profile' to update your details, add pfp, or check achievements. Customize alert preferences, manage notifications, and more to tailor SafeSoul to your specific needs.

6. Patrol and Scouts

Introduction to Patrol & Scouts our front-line warriors. While Scouts report emerging threats, Patrols verify them. Together, they form an integral part of our defense mechanism.

Leaderboards: Patrols and Scouts can track their contributions via leaderboards and a Live table on the website.

Achievements: Patrol members can now earn and display unique achievements on Twitter and within the extension.

Achievements 1
Achievements 2

7. Staying Updated: We regularly host X Spaces with dev updates, Patrol Council events, and community interactions. Follow us on X and mark your calendar!

Digital safety is a collective responsibility. Each alert you set, scam report, or feedback you give brings us one step closer to a safer digital world. Dive in, engage, and let’s make a difference, together!