Patrol Onboarding

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Patrol Onboarding

Welcome to the esteemed ranks of SafeSoul's Patrol! First and foremost, a massive congratulations to our active Scouts who have ascended the ranks and earned the revered Patrol role. What awaits below is a comprehensive guide detailing the scope, responsibilities, and rewards of your new position. Whether you're freshly initiated or a seasoned Patroller, these insights are invaluable. Let's embark on this journey to fortify our community's digital space.

Pathway to Becoming a Patrol: The Patrol role is a badge of honor, reserved for our top-performing Scouts. By consistently demonstrating vigilance and commitment, Scouts can elevate to the Patrol role, thereby amplifying their voting power and unlocking a plethora of achievements.


Distinguishing Features of a Patrol: Stepping into the Patrol shoes means you are now an integral pillar of our community's digital defense line. Your primary tasks include:

Reviewing and Supervising: As a Patroller, you're entrusted with the crucial task of overseeing and authenticating the reports submitted by Scouts.

Amplified Reporting Options: As part of your advanced toolkit, you have 3 reporting options:

  • Scam Flag active fraudulent activities and monetary heists.

  • Hacked Report instances of unauthorized access or control.

  • Trusted Acknowledge and verify official accounts.

Instant Status Change: Empower the community with your decisions! Once two patrol votes are recorded, flagged accounts are immediately marked as suspicious, highlighted by a distinctive orange frame for the entire community to see. The number of votes required for a status change is dynamic and varies based on the total number of SafeSoul users.

Real-Time Report Monitoring: Immerse yourself in real-time reporting data. Be the shield by validating reports originating from Scouts. For a snapshot of the current reports, visit our live feed at SafeSoul Live Feed. To streamline this process, we've curated a dedicated alert channel on Discord, 🚓│patrol-alerts, keeping you abreast of the latest reports. Make sure you have the Patrol role assigned in Discord to see the latest alerts and chats. Remember, every report you vet is a stride towards a safer community.

Patrol rewards: Get ready to earn achievements, and rewards upon its release. It's not just about recognition; it's about rewarding your dedication. The achievement system has already been launched, and Patrol members can now earn and display unique achievements on Twitter and within the extension. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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