Infiltrating Wallets: Scammers are dropping NFTs Promoting Fraudulent Websites

5 months ago·2 min read
Infiltrating Wallets: Scammers are dropping NFTs Promoting Fraudulent Websites

Heads up, friends in the community! There's a sneaky trick going around that you should know about. Scammers are sending out NFTs, right into people's crypto wallets. But these aren't the cool, valuable airdrops you might be hoping for. They're advertisements to scam websites that will likely drain your wallets.

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Here's how it goes down: You find a new NFT in your wallet with a message that looks super official. It's got a link that says you've won some ‘rewards’, and all you have to do is visit a website and connect your wallet to get it. But hold on! These websites 'tetherh . com' or 'shibasite . com ' and others, aren't what they seem. They look a lot like a genuine website, but they're fakes, and they're after your crypto!

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These sites ask you to 'connect your wallet' to get the prize. That's like giving someone the keys to your house. Once you connect your wallet, they can literally drain your wallets if you connect your wallets to such sites.

There's something you can do to stay safe: use the 'SafeSoul' browser extension. SafeSoul has a community of security experts, known as ‘SafeSoul Patrols’, who constantly monitor and flag such scams. If you're about to visit a scam website or X account, the browser extension will give you a heads-up with a full-screen shield, so you can stay away.

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Watch out for scam NFTs in your crypto wallets. Stay sharp and protect your digital coins! If someone you don't know sends you a free NFT unexpectedly, be extra careful. Therefore, think twice before visiting such ‘reward’ sites. Keep your crypto safe by asking questions, double-checking everything, and using smart tools like @SafeSouleth.

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Article by Security Researcher @ashu_barot